After a three year (give or take a few months) haitus wherein alot of stuff happened, we have decided to REOPEN the store formerly known as Makers Connect.

We have heard some of you say, “Location is key!” Yes, we agree. So when this one became available, we did our best to snag it. Very long story short, there was a happy ending and the princess got her prince, the evil stepsisters learned a lesson, and the mean old stepmother grew wings and became a gorgeous hollywood star. But in reality – we moved into 9047 Garland Road, which was the home of Beads of Splendor, a truly gorgeous bead shop that offered not only beads but fantastic classes and knowledgeable and friendly staff to help you with almost any project.

Our landlord was of the mind to keep the space programmed in a similarly local, crafty fashion – and things clicked. Alot of things, involving alot of generous donations and helpful vendors. So despite the straight-forward planning I had hoped for using alot of sleek IKEA furnishings, it’s going to be a more hand-hewn, artfully upcycled situation. Which will be, I am sure, way more interesting than a room full of all IKEA fixtures!

We will be offering So many amazing classes… the list will include painting for adults and for kids, clay and ceramics, enamelling, stamping, resin, concrete casting, hand dying, candle making, soap making, print making, stamp and collage making, and hopefully sewing as well. The class schedule will be available after we open in May.

We look forward to seeing old and new faces in our gorgeous new space at 9047 Garland Road at White Rock Shopping Center, Dallas 75218!

Come see us soon….

Yours truly,
Chris Unruh + Steve Dickson


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