Meet the Teachers

Kris Hundt – Professional Photographer
I could tell you all about where I’m from, all the schooling I have had, and how long I have taken pictures. But to me, it is more important for you to know who I am and not where I come from. I believe that my images convey who I am more effectively than I could with words and isn’t it said that a picture’s worth a thousand words? I had a friend twenty-one years ago in September who slipped in the shower and died at the age of 34. At the time he died I was feeling stuck, as though I had no other choice but to do what I was doing. The last time I saw JP was almost a year earlier and his last words to me were, “You are good, and you will be a photographer.” At the time, that was just a friend saying something nice. I realized that he was right and how important his words were to me. Three days after we buried JP, I quit my full time job and started my photography career. So, from all this, I now make the choices that make me happy.
 kris selfie  kris tubes
 Kris is passionate about her work, her images, and her environment. As she puts it, “Photography is very freeing. The world is a beautiful place and you just have to be open to seeing it.”  Her clients would agree. She has shot for D Magazine, People Magazine, Texas Monthly, Family Circle, Ladies Home Journal, and many more.
Kris also travels and has recently sold her work in several galleries in the Dallas area.
You may see a selection of her work on her website at

Robin Korevaar (aka Plaid Piper) – Photography, Found and Fiber Arts

 Robin has an ear for music and an eye for art.  A professional clarinetist, she is also an accomplished visual artist working in photography and fiber arts.  She enjoys playing with color, line, and texture in all her art forms, and the repeated enjoyment of visual art (as compared to live performances).  Her photographs are noted for their composition and texture.   They have been used for MSR CD cover art and are available online and in stores as notecards, canvas/metallic/traditional prints, and other products (tote and cosmetic bags, mugs, other gift items).   The Old Gallery at Allenspark, CO carries her work: she also exhibits at the North Boulder Recreational Center.  Robin has exhibited fiber work with the Dallas Quilt Guild and Dallas Area Fiber Artists.  Her notecards are available online, at Gecko Hardware and other Dallas stores.   Robin finds inspiration in nature – the play of light and shadow, natural forms and textures.  She works with found objects and in Asian styles and forms. Please visit Plaid Piper/Robin Korevaar or

Robin at store


Tina Winslow



Jennifer Foster


Rebecca and David Day, Soapgirl


Patricia Dillingham


Patricia Hicks, Mehtah Designs – teaching basic wire wrapping techniques

I am, for the most part,  a self taught artist .  I grew up in and benefited from the multi-cultural influences of San Antonio, Texas which has strongly influenced the way I see the world and the style of jewelry I create.  My muses are many;  architecture, sculpture and nature to mention a few. I have been a landscape designer, love to draw and paint and have done sculpting and porcelain work as well.  I am inspired by color, simple rhythmic repetitions and textures.

Art has  always played a big part in my life.  When I was a child my Father took me on many rock hunting excursions.  We took our treasures back to the house where he would cut and polish the stones.  I was always moved by the beauty within those crusty old rocks!  I guess it was just natural for my interest in art and my love for rocks to flow into jewelry.  Jewely is the most personal form of self expression through adornment.

I strive to create unique jewelry pieces that are sculptural and will speak to their eventual owner. Many of my designs are one of a kind created using  semi precious stones, various types of wires and metals.  While I do sketch out ideas, many of my designs come to me unplanned as I am working with the elemental pieces of metal, wire,  and stone.    I began wire wrapping as a solution for cold connecting  separate jewelry components.  It became  a specialty which I pursued with passion.   I have since incorporated various metal smithing techniques to broaden the scope of each piece.

I am looking forward to teaching basic wire wrapping classes this spring at Makers Connect.



Chris Unruh

My background in making things goes back to earliest childhood, as I suspect most people’s do.  From picking up tiny snail shells off the ground at the kindergarten I attended (which were later drilled, painted, and used in jewelry and on boxes) to pursuing a career as a costume jewelry designer in New York City, there has always been an urge to figure out how to create ‘my’ version of the beautiful things I see in the world.  I have been lucky to have my work picked up for consignment over the years at such stores as Eclections (Fort Worth), Avant, Gifted, Translations, Paper Moon, Steven Alan, J Tiras Handbags, Mathew Trent (T Shop), Gecko Hardware, Petal Pushers, and many craft shows around the East Dallas area for the last 8 years.

In this forum at Makers Connect, I hope to have a chance to explore new techniques while sharing them with others.  Some of the  many classes I hope to soon be leading are concrete/hypertufa pot building, mold making, lightbulb and found glass terraria, solid scents making, lamp wiring, and of course, jewelry.



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