New Vendor Instructions

Sorry, we are not accepting any new vendor applications through Christmas. 

Please send a brief story about yourself and your work and photos (or facebook, etsy site, etc.) to Chris at:

If you create wonderful stuff and have been selling for at least one season in shows and / or in other stores, we are interested in seeing your work.  Please have some idea of who your ‘market’ is and how to price your work; while we’re able to give our opinions, these marketing decisions are yours to make (and a fun part of being a business-person artist!).  You can consider us as ‘another outlet’ for your creations.

We both hope and welcome it if you are already self-promoting on a number of fronts; for instance:  Etsy, Shopify, Facebook, or Instagram, or your own website.  We consider ourselves as a member of *your* sales team – not the main source for your sales.

Per example:  If you are at a show and someone is interested in your work,  you can tell them they can shop you 5 days a week at a brick and mortar store in Dallas.  If you enjoy doing custom work, we can be the ‘meeting place’ or go-between with your clients so that you aren’t having to meet at your home or at Starbucks.  It’s just another option.





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