New Vendor Instructions

We are currently seeking stained glass  (esp. small window sun catchers), wood, pet and baby items.   

Please send a brief story about yourself and your work and photos – or your Instragram, Facebook, Etsy, or website to Chris at:

There is no fee currently to apply, but we reserve the right to curate based on our needs.  The split is 50/50 and no other strings attached.  You won’t need to work and there are no additional fees associated.  We use a software that allows you to enter and control your own inventory, as well as check your sales from anyplace (cloud based).  We allow your work 1-3 months on the sales floor before we meet to determine if the fit is good for you and for us.  At that time we might ask you to bring other items or return items to you.  No long term contracts and no restrictions on where you can show.  BUT we ask that you do not remove items during the busy season…because if it’s busy it’s probably Christmas and it’s buy for us too!

If you create wonderful stuff and have been selling for at least one season in shows and / or in other stores, we might be interested in seeing your work.  Please have some idea of who your ‘market’ is and how to price your work; while we’re able to give our opinions, these marketing decisions are yours to make (and a fun part of being a business-person artist!).  You can consider us as ‘another outlet’ for your creations.  We like to think of our store as an “air conditioned indoor show that folks can discover new work from local artists five days a week.”

One more perk: If you enjoy doing custom work, we can be the ‘meeting place’ or go-between with your clients so that you aren’t having to meet at your home or at Starbucks.  It’s just another option.





8 thoughts on “New Vendor Instructions

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  3. I am fairly new to Etsy and started my jewelry business, ChicUniqueBySam, about a month ago and have been promoting my website through Facebook, Instagram, & Etsy. I design, produce, & sell the items by myself. What exactly do you mean when you said sellers must have been selling for at least one season? Are there any markets for new business owners?

  4. Are you still seeking stained glass (esp. small window sun catchers), wood, pet and baby items? Or are you looking to expand? Would love to chat

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