Meet the Makers

Our makers are from all walks of life.  Many of them have ‘day jobs’ otherwise referred to as ‘what I have to do so I can make my art’ and other not-as-nice phrases.  But the main thing is that they are almost exclusively living in the DFW area, and as such are about as ‘local’ as you can get.

Most of them do have websites, Etsy pages, and /or Facebook sites.  So without further ado, I will be happy to list them here along with active linking to their own sites:


Abby Chesney / Eye on the Sparrow Designs /- Recycled guitar string jewelry that benefits the Carter Albright Foundation for musical children.

Alexandria Dayne – Wood upcycled fun furniture

Amy Orchard – Upcycled crafts; bedspring wreaths and crosses, tin can hairclips, etc.

Amy Marks – “Funky Finials”:  upcycling beautiful old salt and pepper shakers into unique lamp finials.

Annette Brown – Organic stoneware pottery; mugs, buttons, and vases

Andrew Hamilton – Wood pens from baseball bats, church pews, and whiskey caskets

Angela Gallia – Ceramic whimsy and jewelry

Angela Mosera – Steampunk-inspired jewelry crafted with watch parts, resin, and more.

Andrea Smith – Beaded jewelry, tiny beaded trees bonsai trees on geodes, and more

Audrey Legatowicz – Woven handbags, printed scarves, “baby boomer” necklaces

Barbara Mabli – Jewelry, boxes, and more

Beverly Ann Moore (BAM) – Whimsically illustrated cards and adorned good-luck candles

Bob Hamilton – Upcycled found parts reborn as lamps

Brad Abrams – Blown glass bowls

Breanna Cooke – Illustrated greeting cards

Brenda Foster “RollinMud Pottery” – Ceramics

Brian Johnson – BDJ Craftworks. Wooden trays, vases, and frames

Carlos Zuniga – Zunlan Designs.  Leather and painted cloth handbags and pouches

Carmen Arberastruri – Lemon Glaze small ceramics

Celina Bell Santos – Hilariously sharp, funny greeting cards

Christopher Whalen – Macro Photography of insects; signed and matted using high quality archival matts and papers.

Cindy Bagwell – Sculptural mixed metal and gemstone beaded earrings & necklaces

Dylan & Co. Candles –  Soy candles by Shelley Travell

Ed Freiheit / Bug and Mowl – Upcycled and steampunk inspired jewelry, goggles, hats, etc.

Elaine Jay – Modern jewelry crafted from silver, copper, and enamel.

Erin Dunbar aka The Velvet Leopard – bath bombs, lip balms, etc.

Eryn Rosenbaum aka Earrings by Eryn – lovely, feminine jewelry in silver and gold fill using fine quality semiprecious gemstones and gembeads.

Freda Ross / Freda’s Fancy – Colorful beaded jewelry for pure enjoyment!

Gayle Evans – pottery

Gaston Made – Upcycled modern wood coasters and airplant holders.

GLO Candles by Gail Laszlo – soy candles with great fragrance throw

Janice Somerville – Whimsical Clay and Hardware heads, robots, and jewelry with humor and a nod to the Jetson’s and futurama.

Jane Corley – Hilarious coasters and one of a kind greeting cards

Julie Hansch – Leather wallets, cord organizers and rings

Karen Kaufman – whimsical small birthday animals and zippered pouches

Karen R. Williams / Stone Works Mosaics – Broken pottery belt buckles

Kathleen Care – Modern, minimal silver and gold plated earrings

Katie Tunison – Small stained glass ornaments

Katrina Rasmussen – K M Rasmussen Fine Art.  Mixed media painting prints of iconic Dallas scenes as well as themes dear to Katrina’s heart.

Kate Roberts / Retrofit arts – Iconic tiles and coasters

Katherine Baronet – Painted cards in whimsical themes

Kelli Davis / Deborah Lane Quilting – Sewn gift card wallets and checkbook covers

Kelley Cheek – One of a kind silk-velvet dyed and printed cards; notebooks, and silk throw pillows

Kelley Vaughan aka Blue Flame Studios ceramics – Jars, small vessels, and hanging sculpture that hold air plants; often featuring crystals or stones and of a Japanese bent.

Kessler Craftsman aka Larry Pile – Fused glass plates, bowls, tiles, vases, and jewelry

Kimberley Morris Jewelry–  Modern jewelry featuring hand drawn graphics on mixed metals (silver, copper) with intricate cold connections

Kris Hundt / Damn Ass Funny – Photography, glass cab necklaces, and politically left leaning stickers, as well as keychains and magnets.

Kristen Druckenbrodt – Photography realized as custom pet portraiture; tote bags, pillows and mugs

Kurt Whitebread – Woven keychains using a variety of beautiful knot-tying techniques and colorful, high quality materials.

Leah Michaels – aka Charmed by Wootz.  Adorable jewelry, hair clips, and more.

Letter Lounge aka Shelley and Mike Clem.  Old books are given new life when they employ their magic!

Lisa Payne – Knitted and Dyed scarfs & hats;  one of a kind jewelry creations

Local Notions – Robin Steinshnider –  Screen printed Dallas and White Rock themed t-shirts  & bags

Lottie Minick – Whimsical steel and fused glass earrings, displays, and ‘Lottie Pops!’

Lynda Sparks – Copper and gemstone cuffs, rings, and necklaces

Lynn Wilkes-Armstrong – Both Hands Studio.  Ceramics

Marcy Gustafson – Potato bags from fun fabrics

Marilyn May – Texas shaped tiles/coasters crafted from upcycled terrazzo which has bits of beer, wine, and other bottle glass incorporated.

Mary Bond – Paintings in earth-friendly themes

Monica Gerlach – Funky pottery; mugs, jugs, trays, and fairie gardens.

Nataliya Spanko – Intricate silver and gemstone earrings and necklaces

Out of our Minds – Cheeky oven mitts and aprons featuring hunky boyz and girly girlz

Patricia Dillingham – “Tiny Wall Art” – metalic textured & painted electrical outlet covers

Patti Haskins / Critter Central –  Catnip filled snakes and bugs.  Certified best by cats!

Patty Marshall – Art glass jewelry, hair clips, and wine bottle stoppers

Pita Moreno – Simple silver and brass jewelry using natural stones

Raven Gosney  – Sputnik wired earrings with glass and semi-precious stone beads

Reid Barnhart aka  “By Barnhart”  – Hats and jackets utilizing fabulous vintage textiles

Rick Van Dyke Studio / Fireseed Studio  – Funky colorful pottery with plants in mind

Robin Powell – Pig Dog Glass jewelry and more.

Robin Ayers – One of kind old timepiece necklaces with tiny collaged worlds inside

Sarah Ronshausen / Pineapple Tie Dye Co. – Tie Dyed T shirts

Scout & Lilly / Kathleen Turner – Small leather goods and screen prints

Selena Dixon – Collage and acrylic paintings

Shanna Steele – Costume jewelry

Shauna Young – Rare Earth Designs.  Silver and cut stone jewelry

Sheila Jakubik / Happy Calaveras – Pillows and aprons featuring sugar skulls, Frida Kahlo, and Day of the Dead themes.

Soap Girl – Rebecca and David Day .  Soap, facial masks, and much more

Sud’n’Bomb – Anthony Gonzales.  Bath bomb/salt kits.

Suzanne Wojtkowiak – Potato and roll warming bags

Susie Denardo – Antique Dreamz – Whimsically printed hand mirrors

Susan Tinkler O’Neal – Silver and turquoise rings and bracelets; beaded necklaces, and bullet earrings and necklaces

Syd Justice Designs/Maria Donaldson.  Organic mixed metal bangles, cuffs, and rings

T.C. Hensel – Industrial, avant-garde metal bowls, boxes, and bracelets

Tom Sale aka Pinky Diablo – Humorous framed watercolors

Traci Hutton – Christmas and Halloween primitive dolls and more

Tricia Wheeler – Illustrated art cards

Trisha Hicks / Mehtah Designs – Organic jewelry from silver, brass and copper

Twice Baked Clay – Small pottery ring dishes and jewelry














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