Vendor Page

Hi Vendors,

Finally, a page just for you!  Before we get around to populating it, we have one order of business.

If you signed up to participate in the Good Local Markets this fall, you will want to prepay for your booth share.  You can do that here.  GL PAYMENT

Please do this prior to the month in which you will be showing; so for folks doing October, please pay now.  I am paying ahead for the booths so basically this is a reimbursement to Makers Connect.  If I don’t receive  payment by two weeks prior to your date, then I will reserve the right to switch out your tent share to another vendor.

Please don’t do that to me!  IF you think you won’t be able to make it, please let me know ASAP!  Like cancer, these things are best when addressed early on.  Feelings do get hurt (usually mine) and I hate to feel bad, so don’t do it.  Thanks!

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