Fall is a big deal in Texas, so let’s celebrate!


Come out to our fall Block Party / Craft Pop Up taking place at White Rock Shopping Center Sunday October 23 from 1:00 – 6:00 pm

We are hosting over two dozen hand makers from east Dallas, ya’ll! Add in some live music, pet adoptions, beauty demos, and food vendors and it adds up to a party! Look for the signs and balloons along Garland Road (north side)!


Andrea Smith – Becky Phillips – Brad Abrams – Cindy Bagwell – Deana Hinchcliff – Eryn Rosenbaum – Henry Biber – Janis Garrett – Jennifer Christy – Jillian Maifert – Katrina Rasmussen – Kathleen Seacat – Kelley Vaughan – Kelley Parks – Lawrence Westby – Lori and Dan Dudley – Makers Connect – Nancy Robbins – Nicole Bernard – Sharon Ashby & Gabby Lewis – Traci Hutton and Jim Shaw – Tori Solis – Valery Guignon – Wendy Moore

Music: Woodrow Wilson Choir, Lake Highlands School of Music (small band), Harrisen Viator (singer / songwriter/ guitarist)

Food: Mark Clark, Garland Road VFW – Brats and Burgers: Crestridge Farms Baked Goods: Humble Pie Pies: Gourmet Cookies by Kathleen Seacat: Free snacks, beer and drinks inside Makers Connect

Face Painters: Becky Berry Phillips – Arabella Brindley

Animal Adoptions: Angie’s Friends & Texas Paw Prints

Pet Communicator: Kathy Thompson

Mattison Salons Aestheticians: Josie Bundy, Uni Mendoza, and others

Businesses at White Rock Shopping Center: A & B Animal Clinic , Aquarium Boutique, State Farm Insurance