Nice feedback! Thanks, Yelpers!


We appreciate that many of you have taken time to return the love by sitting down and writing a short review or shout out on Yelp, or Facebook, or Square, or Instagram, or….wherever.  Really it’s wonderful!  Apparently I can share these reviews so I will try to do so here so everyone can be warmed as much as we are!  FUZZIES ALL AROUND!

This one is most recent, by a customer,  Lisa L.

This one is by a vendor/makers who also teaches classes at our store,</span>”>Kris Hundt.




Happy Holidays and Thank You!


beauty tree

Thank you all for making this year a success for this little store in East Dallas.  We love you all.  Be well this year, and have a wonderful holiday.  All the best, from Chris, Lela and Steve.