SNL is turning 40!

Wow, does that make me feel old or what… Now, see, this is some very easy math, because next week (plus a few days) I will turn 50.  That means I was 10 years old when the genius of Jane Curtain, the oiliness of Chevy Chase, and the sprightly coke-induced mania of Steve Martin first began to tickle my youthful cortex with their blend of ironic, slapstick, and expertly rendered “human observation humor” (mostly of immigrant New Yorkers, which I was more able to appreciate later in life when going to school at FIT).

Who could forget Gilda Radner, (never mind!), Lorraine Newman (is it the pizza man?  no, it’s LAND SHARK!) or Dan Ackroid’s disgusting Bass o Matic!  Through the years our dearly demented Lorne Michaels has brought us Adam Sandler, Amy Poehler, Tina freaking Fey,and some amazing hosts, like Justin Timberlake, Paul Simon (yes!), and Alec Baldwin. Again and again… till we thought we’d be sick of them…but nope!

So have fun all you crazy kids!  And just remember, “you’re good enough; you’re smart enough; and gosh darn it, people LIKE YOU!”

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