Making America Great Again! (not a political commentary)



Are you sick and tired of hearing blowhard politicians ranting about how he or she is going to “bring America back” and “make it great again”?  I sure am.  For one, my idea of what makes a country great is probably not the same as that guy/gal thinks it is… so we’re not even talking apples to apples.  Of course we all love America, but some of us think the best cure is from the roots up and not from the top down.  But when do speak of produce, I know exactly where to find it – at the Farmers Markets.  And I am super excited that it’s THAT TIME AGAIN!

If you’re a crafter who sells your work at shows, this is probably the second most exciting  time of year for you (following Christmas!)  Not only is the weather warming up, the flowers and trees are all in bloom and the days are suddenly (magically) longer by an hour… AND there’s the official beginning of a new round of farmers markets!

IMGP1026 IMGP1030

Here in East Dallas, we have enjoyed the wonderfully curated White Rock Local Market and watched it grow from a twice a month affair to an eight time a month market, changes in venue and even a change in name!  (to Good Local Markets)

Now there’s also a new couple of shows on the block that we’ll be checking out – The Marketplace Casa View –  and hoping that theybring good things to an area of town that is in need of some uplift and on the brink of some serious revitalization efforts by neighbors and businesses (Ferguson Road Initiative and Greater Casa View Alliance).

The shows are sponsored by an independent organizer for the benefit of the churches and the hoods themselves, and will be occuring twice monthly from 9am – 2pm: first Saturdays at St. Pius X Catholic church at 3030 Gus Thomason Road, and same times every second Saturdays at Ridge Point Fellowship at 11440 Ferguson Road.

casa view center  neighborhood map

So when you wake up on Saturday or are out and about on Sunday – remember to stop by a friendly local market; pick up some fresh basil and tomatoes (and coffee, and eggs, and bread!) and stroll past the craft vendors.  We might have a perfect bangle bracelet or planted pot for you and a gift for your mom’s birthday.  You will have something one of a kind, and also support your local, American neighbor.  Isn’t that what keeps America strong?  Well, that and zombies.  Of course.








Fall is Fair Season! Good Local, One90 Meat Grand Opening, etc!


steve and the shirts    three musketeers

So many fun things are packed into the short months of pure awesome we get in Dallas:  so from October through December, we’re all on overdrive, blowing and going to beat the band!

For instance, this past weekend was fabulous.  Our neighbors at One90 Meats next door, the trio we’ve come to know as the Three Musketeers of Meat; Kyle, Herman, and Adam – plus their amazing families, friends and employees, hosted a parking lot party to end all others.  In addition to 800 slider sandwiches they gave away gratis, plus free beer from Oak Highland Brewery, they brought in a face painter, photo booth, gaming station, a fab DJ who at one point brought over her sweet piglet, Hamlet, on a leash for us all to pet and enjoy… and then inexplicably, a clown showed up at some point during the proceedings.  (he later informed us, using expletives not in common use by old school clowns, that a chair he was using “was broke $@4&*@!”

Meanwhile, we set up a tent in the lot and blew out t-shirts by Local Notions, plus koozies and a number of 190 tank tops… leaving the door of the store open to the hoards of young and old who wandered in.  It was insane.  In a good way.

one90 weird photo

And then the previous day, we sent the first two artists into the breach at our MC tent at Good Local Market!   Mike Malone (silver, copper and brass jewelry for men and women) and Kate Roberts of RetroArt (tile coasters) did a super job of representing both themselves and us.  Thank you, guys!

goodlocal set up one

Clearly I need to get better at taking photos – but in our defense, we hadn’t had to get up that early in the morning in a LONG time!

And now, we’re experimenting with a new form of communication – video!  We want you to get to know us, our employees, and mostly, our vendors.  So check back often to see who is next in our video series, Tales from the Velvet Chair!

mom photo

Motto of the story?  Sometime “sometimes bologna just happens!”  Thanks mom.  I always said she was one wise duck.