Fall is a big deal in Texas, so let’s celebrate!


Come out to our fall Block Party / Craft Pop Up taking place at White Rock Shopping Center Sunday October 23 from 1:00 – 6:00 pm

We are hosting over two dozen hand makers from east Dallas, ya’ll! Add in some live music, pet adoptions, beauty demos, and food vendors and it adds up to a party! Look for the signs and balloons along Garland Road (north side)!


Andrea Smith – Becky Phillips – Brad Abrams – Cindy Bagwell – Deana Hinchcliff – Eryn Rosenbaum – Henry Biber – Janis Garrett – Jennifer Christy – Jillian Maifert – Katrina Rasmussen – Kathleen Seacat – Kelley Vaughan – Kelley Parks – Lawrence Westby – Lori and Dan Dudley – Makers Connect – Nancy Robbins – Nicole Bernard – Sharon Ashby & Gabby Lewis – Traci Hutton and Jim Shaw – Tori Solis – Valery Guignon – Wendy Moore

Music: Woodrow Wilson Choir, Lake Highlands School of Music (small band), Harrisen Viator (singer / songwriter/ guitarist)

Food: Mark Clark, Garland Road VFW – Brats and Burgers: Crestridge Farms Baked Goods: Humble Pie Pies: Gourmet Cookies by Kathleen Seacat: Free snacks, beer and drinks inside Makers Connect

Face Painters: Becky Berry Phillips – Arabella Brindley

Animal Adoptions: Angie’s Friends & Texas Paw Prints

Pet Communicator: Kathy Thompson

Mattison Salons Aestheticians: Josie Bundy, Uni Mendoza, and others

Businesses at White Rock Shopping Center: A & B Animal Clinic , Aquarium Boutique, State Farm Insurance



Makers Days – Weekends in Spring



We are having a such a fun time hosting our vendors in an ongoing week-end moveable trunk show feast!  Take a moment to learn about these upcoming makers; their life stories add to the allure of their work!  ____________________________________________________________

Eryn Rosenbaum, Jewelry:

Eryn started making earrings about 14 years ago, because that’s when she first pierced her ears. She immediately realized that she had quite a lot of earring buying to catch up with, and simultaneously discovered a bead shop right down the street. The challenge was accepted. Over the following years, she has never turned down the impulse to research and appropriate a new jewelry-making technique, which worked out all right since her husband never, ever minds the new workbenches and equipment that periodically appear in their bedroom. Or as he sometimes calls it, the earring room. While earrings are definitely the focus, Eryn does also make other jewelry such as pendants and rings, and truly enjoys working on custom orders for one-of-a-kind treasures.
The thing Eryn loves most about creating is how each piece turns out differently from the last, yet across all the different techniques and styles she uses, she can always recognize something of herself in each piece. The thing Eryn hates the most about creating is always knowing what time of day it is. If the world had no clocks (and her two children were a little older), Eryn would probably lapse into a pattern of 26-hour days, because 24 just isn’t enough. Eryn’s favorite color is turquoise, which is not a very precise answer since turquoise comes in so many shades and hues. She doesn’t have an unfavorite color.
Jane Corley, Maker Extraordinaire
I am an almost-empty nester attorney, and have been doing work with collage, photography, and jewelry most of my life. My favorite thing to do these days is to incorporate vintage/antique imagery with whimsical dialogue, which takes form in art/greeting cards. My online identity is http://www.irreverently-yours.com, which is a work in progress but pretty much sums up the sentiment I try to convey. I like using the wide variety of media available today: laser-copy image transfers, acrylic paint, lace, foil, paper, and a Pfaff 2140 sewing machine. Source material for the dialogue balloons is (mostly) from old, dead persons, with a smattering of that from modern comics when they just cannot be denied. I hope these portrayals of the human comedy will tickle your funny bone while letting you express your affection for the recipient.