Do you have Crafty Friends and DIY’er family members?

Perhaps you have some folks on your holiday list who have it all…..or just folks who might enjoy a relaxing new hobby?  Of course, sometimes these things overlap.

Here at Makers Connect we’ve been hard at work creating super fun KITS to help solve this quandary.  We currently have a fabulous Globe Terrarium Kit, complete with quite literally everything anyone will need to create his or her own hanging or seated terrarium – from subgravel, activated charcoal, and soil to mosses, glittery top gravel, and even decorative surprises like crystals and plastic dinosaurs.   Just add a store-bought plant, some creativity, and water….and sit back and enjoy your little miracle!

kit globe ball planted     kit display

But wait, that’s not all!  Are your friends not into plants so much?  What if they are the spa types, who enjoy a good soak in a hot tub (and maybe some kitchen witchery too)?  We’ve set up another groovy kit that includes everything necessary to make Fizzy Balls, from the dry and wet ingredients to the mold and instructions.  All you need is a mixing bowl and spoon.  Oh, and some water.  Pretty simple stuff really.  We are offering amazing fragrances like Balsam Fir, Jasmine, and Texas Cedarwood & Neroli…just for a start.  All kits are $25.00 and come in an attractive cardboard carton with instructions and tools.

kit bath bomb    bath balls.