Meet the Makers

Our makers are from all walks of life.  Many of them have ‘day jobs’ otherwise referred to as ‘what I have to do so I can make my art’ and other not-as-nice phrases.  But the main thing is that they are almost exclusively living in the DFW area, and as such are about as ‘local’ as you can get.

Most of them do have websites, Etsy pages, and /or Facebook sites.  So without further ado, I will be happy to list them here along with active linking to their own sites:


Amanda Rocha – “Sencillo Candles.”  A sophisticated line of candles in three sizes.

Amy Marks – Funky Muppet Bags – fantastically adorned handbags with many many colors and textures of ribbons swinging from crocheted coir bags.  One of a kind.

Andrea Smith –  Tiny retro beaded trees bonsai trees on stones; beaded jewelry

Annie Benjamin

Barbara Mabli –  Lavender sachet pillows, trivets, good-luck-bags

Beverly Ann Moore (BAM) – Whimsically illustrated cards, tea towels, and Art Camp Cards

Brad Abrams – Blown and pressed glass suncatchers

Carla Arimes

Carlos Zuniga – Zunlan Designs – Fully fashioned leather handbags (pouches to totes)

Chris Unruh – Truly Unruhly Studio Jewelry

Cindy Bagwell – Sculptural mixed metal and gemstone beaded earrings & necklaces

Dan Dudley / Lori Dudley –

Deana Hinchcliff –

Darleen – Choco Loco

Douglas Dover

Ed Freiheit / Bug and Mowl – Upcycled and steampunk inspired (nerf) ray guns plus jewelry, goggles, hats, affirmation stickers, and Map Heart Pendants.

Eryn Rosenbaum aka Earrings by Eryn – Silver, keum-bo, and unusual gemstones form the backdrop of Eryn’s collection made specially for our store.

Gaston Made – Upcycled modern wood coasters

Jane Sintobin

Janice Somerville – Whimsical Clay and Hardware heads, robots, and jewelry with humor and a nod to the Jetson’s and futurama.

Jennifer Christy –

Jillian Maifert – Our Nest in Progress

JiYoung Moore –

Kelley Vaughan (Blue Flame Studios ceramics) – Jars, small vessels, and hanging sculpture that hold air plants; often featuring crystals or stones and of a Japanese bent.

Larry Pile;  The Kessler Craftsman – Fused glass plates, bowls, tiles, vases, and jewelry

Kimberley Morris Jewelry–  Modern hand-sewn, one of a kind wool felt pillows with clean, crisp graphic elements.

Kris Hundt – Photography, glass cab necklaces, and politically left leaning stickers, as well as keychains and magnets.

Letter Lounge aka Shelley and Mike Clem.  Old books are given new life when they employ their magic!

Lynn Wilkes-Armstrong – Both Hands Studio.  Ceramic mugs, vessels, earrings, candles, and more

Molly Lam – Toko Dots.

Nathalie Lu – Fringe and Free

Patti Haskins / Critter Central –  Catnip filled snakes.  Certified best by cats!

Reid Barnhart aka  “By Barnhart”  – Hats and jackets utilizing fabulous vintage textiles

Rick Van Dyke Studio / Fireseed Studio  – Funky colorful pottery with plants in mind

Robin Ayres –  One of kind old timepiece necklaces with tiny collaged worlds inside

Selena Dixon – Collage and acrylic paintings

Sheila Jakubik / Happy Calaveras – Pillows and aprons featuring sugar skulls, Frida Kahlo, and Day of the Dead themes.

Soap Girl – Rebecca and David Day .  Soap, facial masks, and much more

Stanford Farms

Tom Sale aka Pinky Diablo – Humorous framed watercolors

Tracy Lynn Tucker

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