Local Links

Makers Connect was conceived as a local shop, connecting Dallas artisans with appreciators of handmade crafts and artwork.  We individually do our best to support other such businesses in our east Dallas area.  If you find yourself looking for anything, the chances are good that you can find whatever it is at a shop nearby owned by someone living in Big D.  This list is just a drop in the bucket; just a start.  Please leave comments and let me add your favorites to the list!



Craft Classes


Drinks (and foods!)

Kid’s Clothes


Healthy Living Coaching & Gourmet Meals Delivered






2 thoughts on “Local Links

    • Hi Joanna,

      I would be happy to consider your work for sale in the store! You would then be added to my artist list (with linking to your site).
      But as for the Local List, I only list brick-and-mortar stores like mine (trying to help them out!)

      Thanks for writing! Chris

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