News about Lela (Mom)

Sorry this is a bit late in landing here on the site. My only reason is that my mom has been consuming alot of mental, physical, and emotional energy lately. Not complaining, just explaining. After breaking two bones at a delicate age, it’s been rough finding the help she needs and deserves. Elderly have a harder time accessing services it seems. In our litigious day and time, many doctors aren’t willing to take on the greater risks. Please send any white light or love or prayers that you have for her. She’s been a special part of our community at Makers Connect from the very beginning – and has lifted up Steve and I in our work to create the first store back in 2014. Many of you know she also worked there full time, till 2019. At the new shop, she worked two days a week. I really miss having her at the shop. Her smile and gentle nature were appreciated by shoppers and vendors of all ages.

Mom modeling one of Robin Ayres’ wonderful necklaces last year


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