I’ve got a crush

alex cuff2

On a couple of amazing jewelry designers.

Anyone that’s ever done anything amazing on this earth has been inspired by someone else.  Nothing comes from a vacuum in the design world.  In fact we are such visual people that we know without a doubt that Pinterest and Instagram were invented just for us.  And we’re pretty stoked about that.

Lately something about this cold weather has frozen the part of my brain that wants to get up and do stuff.  I just want to look, think, and look some more… and allow that delicious feeling of creative lust to grow inside.  I know that just by being exposed to these folks I am gathering fuel for my own future work.  These are my design crushes.  Who are yours?

1.   Julie Cohn who actually lives right here in Dallas.  Her work is influenced by the forms and textures of plants and by a certain Japanese aesthetic. I love that she uses the often under-sung material of bronze.  This nice, heavy metal glows more the more one wears it and has an artisanal appeal, being one of the top choice of casting medium for sculptors lo these many centuries.

cohn set cohn ring

2.  Alexis Bittar – Slightly different approach, and yet there are cross overs.  Alexis started his jewelry career as a young man, selling his cast resin jewelry on the streets of SoHo back in the 90’s.   The signature frosted cuff with added-on elements (or drilled and set in stones, painting in the back, added hinges, etc.) are still methods used in his iconic and gigantic bangle bracelets.

alexis earsalex brac

Tell us about your inspiration here:  https://www.facebook.com/MakersConnectDallas


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