From Patrons and Vendors to Good Friends…

One of the unexpectedly cool things that has happened in the last four months (almost five!) of being open has been the relationships we’ve made with so many of our wonderful customers, students, and new vendors.  Sure, we knew a good number of the vendors going into this Great Experiment, and we’re happy to say that most of them still talk to us!  But through a moment of reflection yesterday, I realized just how many new ones we’ve welcomed, and how important these folks who have walked through the doors have become to us.



So I just wanted to send a shout out to these lovely warm folks who’ve supported us.  They are, in no particular order and with apologies to any misspellings or missed individuals:

Pamela, Reid, the four Kimberlys, Dyanne, Mary, Tanya, three Jaimes, Susie, Shelley, Tami, Kevin, Quinn and Matthew, Lisle, Stephanie, Sarah, the Judys, Cynthia, Sam, Raul, Bruce, Caleb, Lillian, Patti, Mike, Lisa, Tina, Tricia, Thomas, Gina, Andrea and Troy, Robin, two Kelleys, Alicia, Maria, Susan, Traci, Linda, Dianna, Lottie, Jordan, Audrey, Sherri, and so many more….the list will continue to grow – and that’s what’s awesome.

What’s so nice is that in addition to checking on their own inventory, most of our vendors are truly friends in the sense that they support us emotionally.  Even though they are all busy with their lives, (most of them have fulltime jobs plus the incredible crafts work that they do) they are kind enough to stop in and brighten our days.  Sometimes we complain about being stuck in a fish bowl as it were, without the ability to leave or do the errands we’d like to do… so it’s a treat to have the world brought in to us!  We miss seeing the vendors at shows (although we’re fond of repeating that we do NOT miss the set ups, the heat, nor the standing around on concrete blacktops for hours on end) so we get the update on all the show news when they pay these kind visits.  Sometiems it’s like living in a tiny village.  We’re all connected and know one another it seems.  So I guess that’s why I still feel that our name has meaning…Makers Connect.

That’s what makers do.  With each other and with the world…through our handmade goods and with our love.  Rock on, all you wonderful people!  We love you.

bright stones



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