Let’s not overdo Local.

Hi there!  I just wanted to say that I really believe in the Local movement.   *But!*


I also know the Local Movement is not brand spanky new anymore. It’s been growing and expanding; and that’s good.  But there’s also a tendency sometimes to get a bit toooooo much of a good thing.  To feel like one is being… manipulated somehow….by a trend in the world.  What I see is that yes, the word Local is being used.  A lot. And I actually had this conversation with several intelligent people last week. They too are getting a tad bit tired of the admonishment to shop local.  They get it, but maybe they are tired of feeling like it’s a trendy thing to do.  They just want to do it because they believe it’s the right thing to do for our economy, our kids, and ultimately our planet.

keep it local

But I’ve been a little discouraged by larger companies kind of glomming onto the word and use it for their marketing, even when said products are not exactly being made in the States.  (or even in the NAFTA countries!)  This is where I become cynical about the word, and ever more vigilant to protect both its meaning for me and for the customers.

Because the *last* thing I would want is for folks to just give up shopping locally, either out of ennui or cynicism, and go back to finding their gifts on the shelves of…. well, pick your store.  Pretty much anywhere.



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