Makers Connect is the place for Craft Classes!

lighed sign

New classes have been added!  Please check the Classes tab to find out all about the details. Oh yes, my friends, it’s all happening at the fine little funky boutique that’s easy for everyone in Dallas to find (so centrally located!) known as Makers Connect.

We are the makers of connections; we are the glue of our own universe.  The glitter of the stars ends up in our projects (and in our hair) and we are glad.  Brandishing our scepters (or glue guns) to the heavens, we add here, edit there, and ending in a giant flourish of VOILA! 

Okay, so where did that weird poetry come from?  Is it freaky Friday or the fumes from the yummy food coming in the walls from Quesa-d-ya’s?  Either way, it’s all good.

New Classes:

Lightbulb Brilliance! – Incandescent lightbulbs find new life as beautiful vases, hanging root starters, and fascinating tiny terrariums.

bulb flower vase bulb rooting multi

Nailed it! – String art at its most sophisticated and pretty.  Inspiration?  Initials, state of Texas, hearts, stars, moons and clovers!

nail letter nail texas

Frida Kahlo’s (Birthday) Flower Circlet – Flowered head wreaths are a beautiful new trend that’s actually quite old.  This technique can be re-purposed to create gorgeous wedding headdresses. Frida’s birthday is July 7, by the way.

frida flowers bright flower hairpiece etsymom flower hat 10.25.13

Here, Tilly Tilly! – Exploring a couple of incredibly cute ways to display tillandsias, also known as air plants.  They are truly mindblowing in their beauty, strangeness, diversity, and ‘lifestyles’ which allow us to insert them into any sculptural hanging or table display as long as are able to remove them for weekly waterings.

tilly copper pipe boardtilly modern round jartilly white branch







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